ILM Nuclear L3 Certificate

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Leadership and Management Practice for the Construction and Built Environment Sector

(Nuclear Safety Culture) - Certificate

Who are these qualifications for:

These non-technical qualifications are aimed at team leaders, supervisors, foremen and site managers seeking to gain a thorough understandingof leadership and management principles to effectively lead, supervise and safely manage staff in the built environment and construction industry.

The units in these qualifications are designed to equip learners with core skills to drive projects and programmes of work in line with the needs of employers and contractors.

Duration and mode of delivery:

The Certificate level programme is delivered as blended learning; with 7-days direct training and 3-days guided learning.

Unit 300 - Leadership and Management Practice for the Construction and Built Environment Sector

  • The roles and responsibilities of a site supervisor or team leader
  • The differences between leadership and management and the relationship between the two
  • The role of quality management in site management
  • The importance of health and safety in site management

Unit 301 - Delivery of Site Operations and Logistics

  • How to plan work on site
  • How to put team members to work
  • How to improve the performance of a team in delivering to plan
  • The importance of quality management within the workplace

Unit 315 - Nuclear Safety Culture

  • What is special about nuclear power and how that impacts upon own are of responsibility 
  • How the Nuclear Industry is regulated and the consequences of non-compliance
  • The principles and application of excellence and error prevention in nuclear construction
  • The role as a leader in promoting and maintaining nuclear safety

Unit 304 - Reading and Executing a Short-Term Programme

  • Site planning and programme requirements in order to lead and manage people and activities
  • The impact of managing resources, time and materials on the plan and programme
  • Different work methods and their impact on quality, health and safety and the achievement of plans
  • How to leverage their leadership and management skills to achieve plan and programme milestones

Unit 305 - Achieving Performance Through People

  • How their personal leadership style affects the performance of others
  • How to establish and maintain an effective team
  • How to motivate the team to improve productivity
  • The importance of communication to team and site performance
  • Applying a recognised coaching technique to develop and improve the performance of team members
  • How to persuade and influence others to achieve objectives

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