Ability Screening & Testing

Recognised as the single most effective method of predicting job success, ability tests measure a candidate's current ability and future potential. Using ability tests as part of your recruitment and development process ensures you're getting the right people into the right roles in your organisation.

The benefits of ability assessments and tests

The benefits of using ability assessments and tests as part of your recruitment and selection process are:

  • Reducing recruitment costs. Ability tests identify unsuitable candidates early on in the recruitment process ensuring only the highest calibre candidates make it through to the interview stage
  • Getting the right person for the job. Ability screening and testing ensures that the candidates you hire have all the competencies you've identified as being essential for the job
  • Making recruitment fairer. Providing a means of objective assessment ensures that every candidate is considered on the same basis
  • Recognising potential. Ability testing looks further than skills that have already been required and identifies future potential
  • Supporting Managers. By becoming familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of new recruits Line Managers can manage and develop staff more effectively.

Types of ability tests

The tests we use are developed by Saville and Holdsworth (SHL) who have an extensive portfolio of ability tests to help you measure ability across all departments and in all levels of your organisation. The types of ability tests offered by us include measures for verbal, numerical and inductive reasoning, manual dexterity, numerical computation, visual estimation, mechanical comprehension, technical understanding, fault diagnosis and spatial recognition.

Who uses these tests?


During 2006, Phoenix Training Solutions conducted a national ability testing programme to all applicants for the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) National Apprenticeship Scheme (NASEC) at craft level.

In 2010, we used the ability testing to screen Technician Apprentice applicants for the North Sea offshore sector.


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