Coaching Skills

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Coaching Skills


Learning objectives

On completion of the course learners should be able to:

  • Understand the different applications of coaching and recognise where coaching is appropriate.
  • Understand and use the coaching process (based on the GROW model: Goals - current Reality - Objectives - Will).
  • Understand and use a range of coaching skills, eg questioning, listening and rapport building.
  • Prepare, deliver and evaluate coaching sessions.
  • The workshop is not specific to the ECI, and can be used effectively for people in any industry

Course duration: 1-day


The course is highly interactive, with activities for delegates throughout the day and a small amount of delegate pre-work is strongly recommended before the course.

There are also recommended follow up activities to help consolidate the learning after the course; although these are not mandatory.

Course content: During the day the following content will be addressed:

  • Being a Coach - Telling and Asking
  • Creating a Coaching Environment
  • The Coaching Conversation
  • Creating Open-ended Questions
  • Paradigm (Pattern) Shifts
  • Context for Coaching
  • Context around roles: Manager vs. Coach
  • Coaching Toolkit: Listening
  • Coaching Toolkit: Filters
  • Coaching Toolkit: Questioning
  • Coaching Toolkit: Acknowledging
  • Coaching Toolkit: Why Coaching Works
  • Coaching Toolkit: Challenges to Implementing Coaching
  • Coaching Toolkit: Practice session



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