Delivering Training Events Effectively

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Delivering Training Events Effectively


Point and Purpose:

  • The aim is to enable an individual to understand, customise and deliver a training package appropriately for the audience.
  • The course is designed to provide an introduction to different trainee involvement techniques and their application to a practical training session. It is not specific to the ECI, and can be used effectively in any industry.
  • To focus on the key subject (training), individuals should already have skills in: assertiveness; recognising body language; active listening; and basic presentation skills.

Course duration: 1-day


This workshop is NOT a 'Train the Trainer' course. It was developed to meet a very specific need: to support individuals at all levels to deliver pre-prepared training packages, e.g. the roll out of new systems or procedures across a company or project. As such, it has elements in common with ECITB SMTD Presentation Skills course, but in this case the emphasis is on using activities which involve learners.

Delegates should come to the course with a training session that they can use for practice during the day. The afternoon is spent with individuals having the opportunity to actually deliver a mini training session and receive personal feedback.

Learning objectives: On completion of th course learners should be able to:

  • Understand the training to delivered and be able to personalise it for their own delivery.
  • Understand the receiving audience, and be able to customise the training to suit.
  • Understand different approaches to involving participants (syndicates, brainstorming etc) and to select and use appropriate delivery methods.
  • Be able to structure and deliver an effective training session.
  • Deliver a short training session during the course and receive feedback.

Course content: During the day the following content will be addressed:

  • Difference between Training and Presenting
  • Characteristics of an Effective Trainer
  • Understanding your materials
  • Developing Learning Objectives
  • Structuring the training event
  • Introductory Sessions
  • 'Traditional' techniques (syndicates, brainstorming etc)
  • Accelerated Learning techniques (Mind mapping, card sorts etc)
  • Concluding the event
  • Prepare the training environment
  • Handling group discussions
  • Training delivery and feedback

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