Becoming an Effective Communicator


Becoming an Effective Communicator

(ECITB module 5)

Purpose of Sessions:

  • Identify the challenges and responsibilities of a supervisor when managing performance.
  • Understand how to identify acceptable and unacceptable behaviours within the team.
  • Demonstrate a range of tools available to the supervisor when managing difficult situations.
  • Understand how to plan and conduct effective toolbox talks.

Course duration: 1-day

Session 1: Performance Management - Outcomes

  • Understand the supervisor's role in identifying performance issues within the team
  • Know how to evaluate an individual and team performance and behaviours
  • Discuss the boundaries of responsibility for the supervisor when dealing withperformance issues
  • Describe how to meet the needs and expectations of the organisation
  • Identify acceptable supervisor behaviours
  • Discuss the need and implications of detachment
  • Understand the options and how to select and apply the best course of actions to address performance issues with an individual
  • Know how to determine an action plan and when to seek help from managers

Session 2: Managing Difficult Situations - Outcomes

  • Get an awareness of how to manage difficult people and situations
  • Raise awareness on being assertive
  • Explain some of the causes on conflict in the workplace
  • Understand the importance of effective communication skills
  • Practice effective listening skills
  • Raise awareness of observational skills
  • Recognise how to demonstrate confidence in challenging situations
  • Know how to remain confident in difficult situations

Session 3: Toolbox Talks - Outcomes

  • Know how to develop a structure and plan
  • Recognise audience needs and adapt your style to meet the need
  • Practice selecting the appropriate style and approach for the team
  • Understand how to get the right message across to the individuals and team
  • Expain how to adapt communication styles to meet the need of the audience
  • Discuss how to influence, persuade and negotiate with the team
  • Practice presenting a toolbox talk
  • Know how to deliver information in an interesting, engaging and relevant manner


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