Role of an Effective Supervisor

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Role of an Effective Supervisor

(ECITB ST Module 1)

Purpose of Sessions:

  • Enable the participants to recognise the roles and responsibilities of the supervisor
  • Develop an understanding of the principles of management communications
  • Recognise the link between effective communication and achievement of team objectives
  • Explain the supervisor's role in maintaining a healthy, safe and productive working environment

Course duration: 3 days

Session 1 : Outcomes

  • Get to know each other and feel comfortable speaking in front of the group
  • Understand what the organisation expects of them as a supervisor
  • Differentiate between a worker and a supervisor
  • Understand the legal responsibilities of the supervisor
  • Explain the characteristics of a manager and a leader
  • Understand the need for both management and leadership
  • Recognise the need and use of situational leadership
  • Identify different styles of leadership
  • Understand how to motivate the individuals within your team
  • Describe what motivation is and how it impacts on productivity
  • Know how to manage your time effectively and the range of tools available
  • Know how to delegate effectively
  • Understand how to plan and manage effective meetings and toolbox talks

Session 2 : Outcomes

  • Understand the role of communications
  • Identify good and bad communication practice within the team
  • Recognising verbal and non verbal indicators
  • Use of active listening
  • Identify feedback methods
  • Becoming assertive
  • Differentiating between aggressive, passive and assertive behaviours
  • Ensure effective performance reviews
  • Understanding how to influence others

Session 3 : Outcomes

  • Identify the responsibilities of the supervisor to ensure a healthy and safe working environment
  • Understand the legal obligations of the supervisor
  • Explain how health and safety risks are identified and how these are monitored to ensure compliance in the workplace
  • Identify actions to be undertaken after identifying a health and safety risk


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